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Prizewinners 2017

Presenter Name
ORAL PRESENTATION - 1st Prize Lessons from four years' experience in the use of ROTEM-guided fibrinogen concentrate in major obsteric haemorrhage Dr R A Smith
ORAL PRESENTATION - 2nd Prize A randomised comparison of bolus phenylephrine and ephedrine for the management of spinal hypotension in patients with severe preeclampsia and fetal compromise Dr A Vorster
POSTER - 1st Prize The perioperative anaesthetic management of cervical cerclage Dr J A Ezihe-Ejiofor
POSTER - 2nd Prize Improved outcomes with ROTEM-guided fibrinogen concentrate in major obstetric haemorrhage Dr R A Smith

Trainee Essay Prize Winner

Awarded Title
Trainee Essay Prize Should Obstetric Anaesthetists become Peri-Obstetric Physicians? Dr Hannah McPhee

Individual Poster Board Prize Winners

Poster Board Category
Poster Title
Presenter Name
Audit / Quality Improvement Hyponatraemia in labour: have we made it worse? Dr G Keightley
Case Reports  Unilateral lingual and hypoglossal nerve palsies following use of I-gel for failed intubation Dr M Mehta
Original Research Optimal positioning for haemodynamics in term pregnant women Dr A B Buckley
Original Research The Six-Minute Walk Test in pregnant women: an international multicentre exercise and haemodynamic study Dr M Salman
Original Research Factor XIII activity before delivery and its association with postpartum hemorrhage Dr O Karlsson
Service Evaluation Labour epidurals: the diminishing returns of repeated intervention Dr N Sharma
Service Evaluation Retrospective review of morbidly obese parturients attending high risk anaesthetic clinic in a tertiary referral centre Dr R Thurairatnam
Service Evaluation Does pre-procedural spinal sonograhy interfere with skin asepsis in obstetrics? Dr D Helme
Survey National survey on the use of Patient Blood Management practices in UK maternity units Dr S R Cleland

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