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Kybele is a non-profit humanitarian organisation dedicated to improving childbirth safety worldwide through educational partnerships.

The OAA has supported Kybele for a number of years financially, and furthermore providedexpert lecturers and enthusiastic volunteers for the overseas teaching programmes.

The role of Kybele is to take professional medical teams into host countries, working alongside doctors and nurses in their local hospitals to improve healthcare standards. Current ongoing projects are visiting Ghana, Armenia, Romania, Serbia and Vietnam. Previous projects were held in Croatia, Egypt, Mongolia and Turkey.

Typically, a multi-national, multi-disciplinary team spends two weeks in a location where they provide both formal and hands-on tuition in relevant obstetric anaesthetic techniques. Some of the resulting notable achievements include; a 35 % reduction in maternal mortality and 40 % reduction in stillbirth in Ghana since January 2007; and that the use of regional anaesthesia for caesarean section has increased markedly across Armenia since Kybele’s first visit in 2006,with the incidence rising from a rate of 5% to over 80% in some units.

Gordon Yuill is the OAA's representative; he can be contacted via OAA Secretariat.

You can learn more about Kybele's activities at its website.

In April 2008, three OAA members (Vicki Clark, Ratnasabapathy Sashidharan and David Levy) were part of the group (pictured below) lecturing and teaching in Egypt. 

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