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International Page

This page has information on obstetric anaesthesia in different countries. There may also be links to information for mothers in different languages. We welcome all comments and suggestions as to how this page might be developed further. Please contact Mike Kinsella via the 'general' link on the webenquiry system.

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COUNTRY Information for monthers TRANSLATIONS ARTICLES Local association website
Afghanistan Farsi
Armenia - Obstetric care in Georgia and Armenia, Simon Millar, Anaesthesia News, 2007 - Report on Kybele Expedition, Hamilton, 2006 - Report on Kybele trip, Hamilton, Pencilpoint Autumn 2007
Belgium French German - Obstetric anaesthesia in Belgium, Petre et al, IJOA 2008;17:S21 Belgian Association of Regional Anesthesia (BARA)
Brazil Portugese - Kybele trip 2007, McFarlane, Pencilpoint Autumn 2007
Bulgaria Bularian - 1st conference of obstetrics, gynaecology, anaesthesiology, intensive care, Keith Thomson, Today's Anaesthesia, 2003
Canada English French - A Trip to Canada, Ben Fitzwilliams, Pencilpoint, 2005 Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology
China Mandarin Cantonese
Croatia Olaksavanje boli u porodu Carski rez: Vas izbor anestezije - SOAP/OAA outreach trip to Croatia, Levy & McGarrity, Pencilpoint, 2006 - Kybele projects
Czech Republic Zmírnování porodních bolestí Císarský rez a anestézie Czech Section of Obstetric Anaesthesia & Analgesia
Denmark Fødeepidural – hvad du har brug for at vide Obstetric Committee (email) of the Danish Anesthesiology Society (website)
Eqypt - WFSA African training program; Assuit University, Middle Egypt, Paul Howell, Pencilpoint, 2005
Ethiopia - Obstetric anaesthesia in Ethiopia, Sally-Ann Nortcliffe, Pencilpoint, 2003
France Soulagement de la douleur au cours du travail - Obstetric anaesthesia in France, Dan Benhamou, Pencilpoint, 1999 Club d'Anesthésie Réanimation en Obstétrique (CARO) - France
Georgia Georgian - Obstetric care in Georgia and Armenia, Simon Millar, Anaesthesia News, 2007 - Report on Kybele Expedition, Hamilton, 2006 GAOGA
Germany Analgesie wahrend der geburt Kaiserschnitt anasthesie/narkose ihrer wahl
Ghana - SOAP/OAA outreach trip to Ghana, Medge Owen, Pencilpoint, 2006
Iceland Verkjameofero i faeoingu Keisaraskurður: Valkostir, svæfing eða deyfing
India Hindi Tamil Urdu Gujarati Punjabi Bengali Telugu AOA India
Indonesia - ISOA meeting 2010 Jakarta, Mark Scrutton, Pencilpoint Autumn 2010 The Anaesthesia Service in Indonesia. Eddy Rahardjo, article from: World Anaesthesia online, WFSA
Iran Farsi
Ireland (Republic of) Irish Society of Obstetric Anaesthesia
Israel Obstetric anesthesia units in Israel: a national survey, Weiniger et al, IJOA 2010
Italy Partorire senza dolore Taglio Cesario: la scelta dell’anestesia
Japan Japanese - A letter from Japan, Katsuo Terui, M.D. Pencilpoint, 1999 - Causes of Maternal Mortality in Japan, Nagaya et al. JAMA, 2000; 283:2661-2667
Kenya - Adventures with the Red Cross in Africa, Paul Howell, Pencilpoint, 2004
Latvia - First International Baltic Congress of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Keith Thomson, Today's Anaesthetist, 2006 - Tally Ho - it's off to Riga we go, Keith Thomson, Today's Anaesthetist, 2004
Malawi French - Caesarean section mortality in Malawi - a study supported by the OAA, Paul Fenton, Pencilpoint, 1999
Malaysia Mandarin Tamil
Netherlands - Obstetric anaesthesia around the world - The Netherlands, Rudolph Stienstra, Pencilpoint, 1998
New Zealand - PPGONZ - The Auckland experience, Tim Paris-Piper, Pencilpoint, 2003 - Taking time out to work in New Zealand, Clive Duke, Pencilpoint, 2004
Pakistan Urdu Punjabi
Poland Ulga w bolu porodowym Wybór znieczulenia do porodu przez ciecie cesarskie
Portugal Diminuir a dor no parto
Romania Romanian Analgesia and Anesthesia in Obstetrics: Refresher Course (Joint meeting with OAA), Iasi, Romania March 2009 Report on Refresher Course Monica Morosan, Pencilpoint 2009 Hands on in Romania ESA Newsletter v.38 2009
Russia Russian - Obstetric anaesthesia around the world - St Petersburg, Diana Brighouse, Pencilpoint, 1998 - Bolshoi, blinis and a banya in Moscow, Keith Thomson, Today's Anaesthetist
Serbia Ublazavanje bola u porodaju Carski rez: vas isbor anestezije Conference - Providing Anaesthesia and Analgesia in Obstetrics, Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia November 2007 Meeting Report, Pencilpoint No 26, Spring 2008 Serbian Association of Anesthesiologists & Intensivists
Slovakia Úlava od bolesti pri pôrode
Slovenia Lajšanje bolecin med porodom Izbira anestezije za carski rez National Obstetric Anaesthesiologists' Association of Slovenia
Somalia Xanuun joojiyaha foosha
Spain Spanish: Alivio del dolor durante el parto Operacion Cesarea: La eleccion de su anestesia Catalan: Alleujament del dolor durant el part Spanish Anesthesia Society Obstetric Anesthesia Section
Sri Lanka Tamil - Sri Lanka's maternal mortality: success on a shoestring, Nalini Rodrigo, Pencilpoint, 2004 - President-Elect's travels to Indonesia and Sri Lanka, Gordon Lyons, Pencilpoint, 2005
Switzerland French German Italian SGAR patient information - Regional analgesia for pain relief in labour A survey of current obstetric anaesthesia practice in Switzerland, IJOA 1995, 4, 207-213 A National survey of obstetric anaesthesia practice in Switzerland, 2007
Turkey Turkish
Uganda OAA supports Ugandan trainees
United Kingdom (UK) English Welsh: Lleddfu Poen Tra’n Geni How we do things - UK practice surveys
United States of America (USA) (USA) English Spanish Information for mothers (Patient Education, SOAP) Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology (SOAP)

General information from the World Health Organisation
(number of physicians, proportion of births attended by skilled health professionals)

Link to WHO publications

OAA Outreach

The OAA have various educational projects, grants and bursaries to help the development of obstetric anaesthesia round the world. If you wish to find out more or offer help, please contact Felicity Plaat via secretariat. 

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