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Hall of Fame

Past Presidents

Editor Emeritus, IJOA, Professor Felicity Reynolds (London)

Gold Medalists

The committee considers nominations for gold medals and decides who should be a recipient. The medallist should be someone who has made an exceptional contribution to obstetric anaesthesia and analgesia or to the aims of the Association.

Ian Russell - 2009

Philip Bromage receiving the first Gold Medal in 1979

1979 Prof P.R Bromage (North Carolina)
1980 Dr G.F. Marx (New York)
1981 Dr J. Selwyn Crawford (Birmingham)
1982 Dr A. Doughty (Kingston-upon-Thames)
1986 Prof M.Rosen (Cardiff)
1988 Dr D. Moir (Glasgow)
1990 Dr M.E Tunstall (Aberdeen)
1995 Prof F.J.M. Reynolds (London)
1996 Dr J. Thorburn (Glasgow)
1997 Dr B.M. Morgan (London)
2009 Dr I. Russell (Hull)

Honorary Members

  • Dr Len Carrie
  • Mrs Trisha Hawkins
  • Dr Kim Hinshaw
  • Dr Anne May
  • Dr Barbara Morgan
  • Professor Cathy Nelson-Piercy
  • Professor Felicity Reynolds
  • Professor Steve Robson
  • Dr Michael Rosen
  • Dr Ian Russell
  • Professor Andy Shennan
  • Dr Trevor Thomas
  • Dr John Thorburn

Former Honorary Members

  • Dr Andrew Doughty
  • Dr Donald Moir
  • Dr Michael Tunstall
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